Mold Blown

This is a new series started in the Spring of 2017. I felt the need to find a process to capture more of the emotion in small detail that can not be accomplished in the hot sculpting process. With this new technique I'm using, the pieces start out sculpted in Plasticine, and then are carefully coated in layers of a plaster and silica mix to create a thick shell. The Plasticine is carefully removed from the inside of the plaster mold to leave a negative of the sculpture. The mold is then placed inside of a kiln to be brought up to 1000 degrees F. Hot glass is blown into the hollow cavity of the molds to capture the fine detail and surface texture. Some pieces are picked back up again to have parts added hot to finish off the desired look or final idea.




Mold Blown

Figure (2015-2018)

Figure (2011-2014)

Figure (2000-2010)


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