Collaboration with Randy Walker (2017)

Randy Walker and I were awarded a collaborative residency at the Corning Musuem in the fall of 2016


 Randy Walker and I have known each other since 1997, working together on the William Morris glass blowing team until Bill's retirement in 2007. Teamwork and working "outside the box" were major aspects of working for Bill, and we utilized these skills and knowledge at the residency. After Bill's retirement, Randy and I continued to rent the Pilchuck Glass School in the "off season" to make our own work until 2014, and after working side by side for 17 years, we had never worked together until the summer of 2015 when we co-taught a class at the Chrysler Museum of Glass and collaborated on a demo piece.


 Randy and I have always had a mutual respect for each other and each others work, and the Corning residency gave us the perfect opportunity to work together on a body of work that combined both our strengths of form, color, and the ability to push the bounds of the material. Randy works with Nature as a theme, creating objects that seem to grow out of and be part of the natural world, and I work with the Figure, sculpting realistic figures and adorning them with color and pattern. We brought these two themes together to create figures with colors and objects from nature, and transforming objects from nature into figurative pieces. The body of work that emerged was an incredible synchronization of ideas and processes that highlighted both of our talents in the hot and cold shop       




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Collaboration with Randy Walker (2017)

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