Figure (2000-2010)

All of my work is Blown and Hot Sculpted, meaning that nothing is casted or mold blown, all pieces are made by hand while hot on the pipe in the glass shop.

First I establish the main shape of the piece, then allow the glass to cool working it in a colder state so that I have a more "solid core" to work from. If the piece is too hot, the shape will distort as the details are brought out. I use a small oxygen-propane torch for all of the detail work, which allows me a greater variety of flame shapes and sizes to work with. Heads are typically blown, whereas all hands are solid. With a blown shape I am able to inflate areas or "suck" areas in as needed. Hands are made solid so that delicate fingers do not collapse or distort. All colors are applied in layers of glass powders and the finished piece is coated with an acid to remove the shine for a matte finish.


My pieces are typically narrative, working mainly with figurative elements and symbolic objects. I find faces, hands and bodies to be very beautiful and expressionistic, a source of silent communication, and I use gestures and titles to help convey an overall story. Communication is an important aspect of our existence, and has always been a main source of my inspiration, whether it be with oneself or between others.  


Teaching a Stone to Talk

Width :12"
Height :12.5"
Depth : 7"

Material : Blown and Solid Hot Sculpted Glass, Steel

Self Portraits/Portraits

Figure (2015-2018)

Figure (2011-2014)

Figure (2000-2010)

Pitchers (2007)

Collaboration with Randy Walker (2017)

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