Riley Gallery closes by on 9/6/2016 at 10:32:50

The Tom Riley Gallery of Cleveland Ohio recently closed it's doors this spring after more than 3 decades of showing top quality glass art and artists. It was sad news to hear after starting a relationship with them in 1991 while in my first year of glassblowing at CIA when their gallery was in the Murary Hill Schoolhouse building in Little Italy. It was there in '91 where I first met William Morris and many years later started to show my own work with the gallery. I wish Tom and Cindy the best and thank them for the years of dedication to the field of glass.

Teaching at Penland 2017! *Change of dates* by on 9/6/2016 at 10:25:07

*Dates have changed for teaching. New dates are May 28-June 9*

I just confirmed the dates for a class at Penland in the summer of 2017. The class will be 2 weeks long and will run from July 9-21. I've co-taught at Penland twice before (2010 & 2012), but this will be my first solo class at one of my favorite schools. Since the class was just confirmed, I will continually make posts reminding everyone of the upcomming schedule. Looking forward to returning to one of my home's away from home.



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